Chromebooks to Get 10 Years of Automatic Updates, Better Security Features

Google is adding significant upgrades to Chromebooks, increasing the number of years for upcoming updates. In a recent announcement, Google mentioned that all Chromebook platforms will now get regular automatic updates every four weeks to provide better security. Meanwhile, for Chromebooks that no longer receive automatic updates, there will be strong built-in security features. Moreover, the repair process will also get faster with new ChromeOS updates for Chromebooks. There will also be new energy-efficient features in the coming months, with adaptive charging technology for a longer battery health. 

In its latest blog post published on September 14, Google made new announcements for Chromebook users. The company, which introduced Chromebooks in 2012, has revealed that all Chromebooks released in 2021 or later will now get 10 years of automatic updates after the platform’s release, starting 2024. Previously, Google offered software updates for up to 8 years for ChromeOS.

On the other hand, users who have Chromebooks that released before 2021 can extend automatic updates to 10 years from the platform’s release. The tech giant plans to prioritise security for Chromebooks users with these updates. 

Another major update will be a quicker repair process. Currently, users can get their Chromebook repaired either through Chromebook Repair Program partners or through organisations that offer repair certifications for Chromebooks. However, Google will soon introduce new repair flows that will let authorised repair centres, especially in the US, to repair Chromebooks without a physical USB key.

Taking a step towards environment conservations, Google is now taking approaches to introduce energy-efficient features in the upcoming updates. It will also add adaptive charging support to make Chromebook batteries’ last longer. The battery saver feature will help in reducing energy-exhausting functions on the device. 

In a conscious decision to reduce e-waste, with devices being dumped once they stop getting updates, Google has made recycling easier and accessible for Chromebook users, too. Now, they can recycle Chromebooks with the help of a reseller or refurbisher. The company also plans to cut the operational costs of the device, to make it feasible for more students. 

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