Procreate Dreams Animation App for Apple iPad Coming November 22 This Year

Procreate Dreams, a brand new animation app for Apple iPad is all set to land on the Apple App Store on November 22 this year. Created by the same company that made Procreate, a highly popular paid image editing app for the iPad, Procreate Dreams promises greater flexibility and ease of use for creating 2D animations and videos, for both beginners and professional artists. Procreate Dreams will be released on November 22 and will be available globally for $19.99 (roughly Rs. 1,670) as a one-time purchase.

Procreate Dreams promises users the ability to animate through touch and instantly respond to the movie as it plays, without needing to set up keyframes and paths. New tools such as ‘Performing’ uses gestures to automatically add keyframes as it records the animator’s actions in real time. The app’s painting and compositing engine is said to “supercharge” an artist’s work by offering hundreds of Procreate brushes in a new painting engine, on even bigger canvases, and with more layers to play with.

The Procreate Dreams timeline allows mixing of drawing, cel animation, keyframing, video editing, and compositing. The timeline’s Playhead allows you to move around the timeline, add actions precisely, and flick back to instantly play the movie. You can use the Apple Pencil to quickly select content, tracks, or keyframes, then edit them all at once. The app also features GPU acceleration built on Metal for smoother performance.

Other features include Flipbook, a refined homage to traditional animation, that is said to be useful for creating short looping GIFs, complex character animation, and more. Meanwhile, Live Motion and Filters provide a non-destructive workflow; after adding keyframes they remain fully editable. Procreate Dreams is said to be able to run effortlessly with hundreds of tracks, millions of pixels, and more layers.

Last but not least, there’s a new Procreate file format, which allows for even a 1TB file to be opened in an instant, with no loading, saving or export times. There’s even support for iCloud synchronisation, file management and backups. Eternal undo history is now saved in the file, which should let creators experiment and play without the risk of losing their work.

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