Experience the Future: Why the Find N3 Flip Is a Must-Try!

Foldable phones are changing the way we think about mobile technology. Among these game-changers, the recently launched OPPO Find N3 Flip shines brightly. It’s not just its innovative features but also the stunning aesthetics that make it a standout. And for those eager to know, this masterpiece is priced at Rs. 94,999. But guess what? With some fantastic offers, you can own it for as low as Rs. 82,999. Dive into this article as we unpack everything this revolutionary phone has to offer, and why it might just be the next big thing in your pocket.

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Every Moment, Perfectly Captured

When I opened up the OPPO Find N3 Flip, I was buzzing with excitement. I adore snapping photos, and having a phone that can do that brilliantly? Well, that’s just awesome.

During an evening out on the city streets, the OPPO Find N3 Flip was my companion. With its main 50MP Sony IMX890 camera, I was able to capture stunning photographs that impressed everyone around me. Even in moments where the street’s hustle and bustle caused my hands to move a bit, the shots were clear. That’s all thanks to something called Optical Image Stabilization. It’s like having a built-in helper to make sure your photos don’t come out blurry.

Walking around, I also tried the 48MP Sony IMX581 ultra-wide camera. This lens is super cool because it lets you capture a lot more in one photo. It has a 114° field of view, which means it can see a big area, kind of like having wide eyes. It let me take a big picture that fit in lots of things, from tall buildings to large crowds. I also took a close-up photo of some pretty flowers, and the details were amazing. The Sony IMX581 sensor helps in making sure the photos are bright and clear.

At a local café, I took a few photos of my friends and our delicious food. Using the 32MP Sony IMX709 telephoto portrait camera, the pictures were perfect! Everyone was clear and in focus, while the café’s background got this soft, blurry look. It felt as if I had used one of those expensive cameras.


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When it comes to capturing those candid moments or perfecting our video call looks, the selfie camera plays a crucial role. And, speaking from my experience, the Find N3 Flip truly understands this selfie culture. This phone comes with a 32MP Sony IMX709 camera in the inner screen, specially designed for those personal moments. Whether I was snapping a quick selfie or engaging in a group video call, it made sure I was presented in the best light. If you’re someone who’s into taking self-portraits, this camera won’t disappoint!

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And then there’s the Multi-Angle FlexForm camera. This feature became my go-to for all those creative shots. Imagine being at a park, and you want a photo with the beautiful fountain behind. You don’t need anyone to help. Just set the phone down, show it your hand, and it clicks your picture! Plus, there’s an Ultra-Wide Selfie mode. This lets me get a photo with not just my face, but also all the cool stuff around me. Multi-person photography? A breeze with the ultra-wide angle and high resolution.

The camera’s software magic, like the Vitality Imaging Engine, refined every shot, making colours pop and details shine. And the Hasselblad features? They added a touch of class. Whether it was the HNCS, XPAN classic retro style mode, or the Master Style, every shot felt like it had been touched by a master’s hand.

And there’s more! The phone has some smart features to make photos look even better. OPPO Computational Photography ensures that the light in the photos is just right, so they look natural. And when you view the photos on this phone, they look so vibrant and lifelike. That’s because of the ProXDR feature. It’s like having a mini TV screen on your phone, making everything look super bright and colourful.

Design Experience

When I first set my eyes on the Find N3 Flip, it also gave off that classic charm with its vertical cover screen, reminding me of the beautiful design of the Find N2 Flip. But the standout for me was the new three-camera setup, promising top-notch photo skills.

Made for the Palm

Holding the Find N3 Flip is like holding a piece of crafted art. It’s wrapped in shiny glass and strong metal, but it’s the curve of the phone that’s a show-stealer. It fits snugly in my hand, thanks to the specially designed Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. I found out it’s the curviest flip phone out there, and the smoothness is all because of some super-cool way OPPO shapes the glass.


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A Camera that Speaks

The Find N3 Flip isn’t just a flip phone; it’s the first flip phone with a flagship triple camera. And that camera setup though! The Cosmos Ring with the Starlight Track around it is not just good-looking but feels like it’s borrowed from those high-end cameras. I remember being fascinated by the Find X6 Pro’s design, and seeing a similar touch on the Find N3 Flip made me believe this phone is no less than a superstar.

Easy Peasy Sounds

The new Alert Slider on the side of the Find N3 Flip is pure genius. Just a quick slide, and I can tell if my phone is silent, vibrating, or ringing. Each mode has its own little buzz, so I don’t even need to look at the phone. Talk about convenience!

Colours that Speak ‘Me’

The colour choices are just the cherry on top. The Cream Gold is creamy, soft, and glows differently with changing lights. On the other hand, the Sleek Black has this glossy finish that shouts luxury. Both colours make the phone a fashion statement!

Built to Last…and Last

My occasional mishaps don’t concern me much anymore, especially knowing that the Find N3 Flip has the TÜV Rheinland Certification. This isn’t just any certification; it assures that this phone can withstand a staggering 6,00,000 folds! The hinge, fitted with dual plates, operates with an unmatched smoothness, making each fold feel as seamless as the first. The zero-gap design, a homage to the Find N2 Flip, blends flawlessness with functionality. An unexpected downpour or an accidental liquid spill isn’t a cause for worry, thanks to its IPX4 rating that ensures splash resistance. Moreover, its backbone, made from aircraft-grade materials, promises a 25 percent boost in load-bearing strength, building my trust in its durability. By my calculations, even if I were to show off the flip action 100 times daily, this marvel would remain by my side for over 16 years. Now that’s unparalleled value and endurance!

Effortless Excellence

With the OPPO Find N3 Flip in your hands, your experience will include unparalleled efficiency and power. This device isn’t just about getting through the day; it’s about making every moment count with seamless responses, uninterrupted gameplays, and endless entertainment.

Performance Powerhouse

The secret? Well, it’s powered by the MediaTek 4nm Dimensity 9200 chipset, which is a big deal in the tech world. I could easily switch between apps, play those graphic-intensive games, and even try my hand at editing some 4K videos, all without a hiccup. Also, while being in those hardcore gaming sessions with my friends, I no longer had to pause my game to optimize performance. All thanks to the Gaming Tools that helped the avid gamer in me to be always ready. Just a swipe from the screen’s edge, and I was all set.

OPPO Find N3 Flip comes with 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. This combination of RAM and storage can handle seamless multitasking, take any heavy game and store lots of photos, videos, apps, and more.


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Endurance Enthusiast

With life’s pace, who has time for frequent charging stops? The Find N3 Flip understands. It packs a 4300mAh battery, which, to put it in simple terms, meant I didn’t have to run for the charger by midday. It is the largest battery that you will find on any flip phone.  And speaking of charging, this phone is lightning-fast. The 44W SUPERVOOCTM is magic. I tested it out: in just about 10 minutes, it got a 21 percent charge, and in 30 minutes, it was already at 58 percent. Full charge? Just in 56 mins.

The Charm of the Cover Screen

Small but Mighty:

OPPO Find N3 Flip with its 3.26-inch AMOLED vertical cover screen really left me amazed. It gave enough space to hold three large sensors in the camera setup and above all this vertical cover screen design even helped the brand to fit the largest battery capacity in any flip phone till date. The quick toggles displayed everything I needed, and I could glance at up to six notifications without squinting. But what really made me smile? Taking selfies. The cover screen’s preview was great, with almost no cropping, and the details popped with its 17:9 aspect ratio. And the bezel? So thin at just 0.3mm, it was barely there!


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Reimagining the Camera:

With the Find N3 Flip, bigger isn’t always better. It’s the smart design choices that make a difference. Instead of crowding its beautiful display with cameras or pushing them to a corner, the phone’s design houses three flagship cameras. And it didn’t stop there – it’s the only flip phone I’ve seen that boasts a telephoto camera.

Stay Updated Without the Flip:

The all-new cover screen experience was a game-changer. All the mini apps I loved from the Find N2 Flip made a return, but now, there was room for more than 40 third-party apps. From Gmail and Google Maps to favourites like Reddit and WhatsApp, I could stay connected without flipping open the phone.

A Delightful Pet Parade:

This feature added a fun twist! Eight animated pets live right on the cover screen. And now, they’re in 3D! A simple tap, and they’d play around, each animation bringing a smile to my face. From a playful cat to a cuddly koala, choosing a pet became my new pastime.

Access Made Easy:

Navigating the cover screen felt intuitive. I could quickly swipe and fire up my favourite apps or widgets. And the cherry on top? A real-time animated weather wallpaper that shifted with the day. I even pinned my top three widgets for lightning-fast access.

Experience the Expanse:

Opening the Find N3 Flip was like stepping into a cinema. The 6.8-inch 120Hz AMOLED screen was nothing short of a spectacle. Every detail was sharp, every colour vibrant, and the added benefits, like reduced power consumption and minimal reflections, enhanced the experience. That 1440Hz PWM dimming? A subtle touch that ensured comfort during my binge-watching sessions.


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Beauty Without the Crease:

One thing I’ve noticed with flip phones is the crease. But the Find N3 Flip came close to perfection. From many angles, the crease seemed almost invisible. The touch was smooth, and thanks to the innovative Flexion Hinge, the screen folded seamlessly and looked like a perfect water-drop shape. It felt like a unified, single screen rather than a foldable one.


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Your Next Smartphone Experience Awaits

In the bustling realm of smartphones, the Find N3 Flip doesn’t merely fit in; it reshapes the narrative. This marvel isn’t just about capturing perfect moments with its pioneering triple camera setup in a flip design but also about making those moments shine. And that vertical cover screen? It’s where practicality meets pure enjoyment.

With its beautiful Cream Gold and Sleek Black colour, this isn’t just a gadget. It’s your next style accessory. And its sturdiness? Crafted from the same materials that keeps aircrafts in the air, coupled with a hinge that’s been honed to perfection, it’s designed for countless flips and endless memories. Beyond its striking looks, there’s raw power waiting to be unleashed. From a blazing-fast charge to its beastly processor backed by a whopping 12GB RAM, the Find N3 Flip ensures you’re always at the top of your game.

Still thinking? Let’s talk numbers. Come October 22, 6pm IST, for Rs. 94,999, this tech masterpiece can be yours. And guess what? With the plethora of cashback and incentives in the mix, the price tag can come down to an enticing Rs. 82,999. Whether you’re a die-hard online shopper or someone who loves walking into stores, it’s available both at OPPO’s official online store, Flipkart, and leading retail outlets across India.

And as you’re gearing up to make the leap, here are some sweet deals:

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Customers can enjoy a cashback of up to Rs. 12,000 and no-cost EMI for up to 24 months from ICICI Bank, SBI Cards, Bajaj Finserv, TVS Credit, Kotak Bank, IDFC First Bank, HDB Financial Services and One Card from mainline retail outlets and the OPPO Store. Customers purchasing via Flipkart can avail a 12-month no-cost EMI along with cashback of up to Rs. 12,000 from ICICI Bank, Axis Bank & Kotak Bank. Loyal OPPO customers can avail an Exchange Bonus of up to Rs. 8,000. Consumers can also avail a one-time screen replacement up to 6 months from the date of purchase; offer is valid on purchases till October 29, 2023.

OPPO Premium Service Offer:

  • Worry-free travel with international warranty rights on the Find N3 Flip.
  • Refresh service allows users to replace their screen guard and back cover of Find N3 Flip, twice within the warranty tenure.
  • OPPO has introduced EMI schemes for the service/repair of the Find N3 Flip. Customers will have the option to decide on EMI instalment and tenure at their convenience.
  • In case of accidental damage, customers can avail a 15% discount on the first repair of the display (T&C apply).
  • Users can avail one-on-one service online by connecting with OPPO experts via WhatsApp.
  • Free pick-up and drop facilities are available across 25,000+ Indian pin codes with issues resolved within 72 hours of the complaint.
  • Flash fix at select service centres promise a 2-hour repair for your flip device on selected issues.

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